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The better your soil, the easier it is to tap home the spades. But the Tree Toad’s sharp spades are designed to shear through tough clay soils. It may take a little longer than if you had better soil.

Depending on tree size and variety, and prices in your area, having a SINGLE tree planted professionally can cost more than $300. If you plant even a FEW trees or shrubs, the Tree Toad PAYS FOR ITSELF. Plus, you have a tool you can use for decades to plant saplings, bushes, and bulb clusters. You can even use it to earn money.

Yes! You’ll save on installing your own trees, and you can EARN by transplanting for others. If you grow your own nursery stock, you can make money by both selling stock and installing it.

The size you choose depends on your budget, your property size, tree diameter, how often you’ll use it, whether or not you have a lawn tractor with a category 1 three-point hitch, whether you’ll go into a part-time business with your Tree Toad, or whether you’ll use it in a professional nursery business. Click here to find the right model for you.

It’s just 3 steps. (1) Place the wire basket and burlap sock under the previously dug rootball and lower into place by releasing the jack pressure. (2) Draw back the spades in the same manner as for hole transplanting, and back the Tree Toad away from the tree. (3) The basket can now be tied with twine and transported as desired. Another method of burlapping can be done by simply placing a burlap sock in the transplant hole and reinserting the tree into the hole. This method uses the hole nicely to form your burlapped rootball prior to binding with pins and twine.

You’re protected two ways. First is our 2-Week, 2-Tree Trial Offer. Buy and use the Tree Toad at your home for two weeks or to transplant two trees, whichever comes first. If, FOR ANY REASON, you are not delighted, simply notify us and return it. We’ll refund every penny you paid, excluding shipping. Secondly, you’re protected for a full year with our “Solid Steel” Warranty. We warrant your Tree Toad for 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship, excluding wearing parts. If something goes wrong within that time, we’ll repair or replace it at no charge.

Click here now to order online. Or you can call Toll Free at 1-800-479-3099. You can also call us if you have any questions.

If you are a “hands-on” gardener, you’ll find the Tree Toad quite easy to use. The most “energetic” part is driving in the spades with the Spade Driver. It weighs 36 lbs, but because it slides up and down on its steel guide tube, you simply lift it then let it go.

Absolutely. Under normal conditions, that’s all it takes to tap home the spades, jack the tree and rootball out of the ground, and wheel it to its new home.