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Now it's fast and easy to beautify and landscape your property and gardens just the way you've always wanted.

Before the Tree Toad, planting or moving shrubs and trees was a back-breaking chore involving hard hand-digging, root chopping, and heavy lifting. But not anymore!

The Tree Toad makes planting trees and ornamentals simple and fast -- just a few minutes -- while protecting the plant's root ball. You can raise the tree effortlessly with the Tree Toad's heavy-duty jack, and move the tree right where you want it on big, easy-rolling tires that move easily over rough ground. They won't bog down in loose soil, and won't damage your lawn or turf. You can maneuver the Tree Toad easily, and fit it in tight spots.

Best of all, the Tree Toad can pay for itself with just a few transplantings. You can even use it to make money.

Choose from 3 models perfect for homeowners and commercial use, plus our 32" professional-grade model that's perfect for large properties and commercial nurseries.

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Our 16" Handcart model is perfect for many homeowners, and professionals, too.

The Trailer option makes towing our 24" model a snap!

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