Transplant trees in just 5 minutes!

“Pays for itself in saved time” –A.M. Charles City, Iowa

Say No To Back Breaking Labor!

Before the Tree Toad, planting or moving shrubs and trees was a back-breaking chore involving hard hand-digging, root chopping, and heavy lifting. But not anymore!

The Tree Toad makes planting trees and ornamentals simple and fast — just a few minutes — while protecting the plant’s root ball. You can raise the tree effortlessly with the Tree Toad’s heavy duty jack, and move the tree right where you want it on big, easy-rolling tires that move easily over rough ground. They won’t bog down in loose soil, and won’t damage your lawn or turf. You can maneuver the Tree Toad easily, and fit it in tight spots.

Best of all, the Tree Toad can pay for itself with just a few transplantings. You can even use it to make money.


Make your dream a reality, with Tree Toad.

The Tree Toad makes transplanting Trees easy and fast! With Tree Toad, beautifying your property has never been easier.

16″ 2-Spade Hand-Cart Model (Small)

• Handles trees up to 1-1/2″ diameter, plus shrubs and perennials.
• 16″ diameter root ball, 13″ depth, 70 lb. capacity
• Mounted on its own self-contained hand cart. Rolls easily on big pneumatic wheels.
• Rack jack rated at 750 lbs, with comfort handle.
• 36 or 28 lb. Steel Spade Driver included.

20″ 3-Spade Model (Medium)

• Handles trees up to 2″ diameter, plus shrubs and perennials..
• 20″ diameter root ball, 16″ depth, up to 150 lbs.
• Available with Trailer Tow Bar, 3-Point Hitch, or Skid Loader.
• Rolls easily. Can be towed behind an auto or lawn tractor, or moved by hand.
• Rack jack rated at 750 lbs, with comfort handle.
• 36 or 28 lb. Steel Spade Driver included.

24″ 4-Spade Model (Large)

• Handles trees up to 2-1/2″ diameter, plus large shrubs.
• 24″ dia. root ball, 19″ depth, 250 lb. capacity
• Available with Trailer Tow Bar, 3-Point Hitch, or Skid Loader.
• Rolls easily. Can be towed behind an auto or lawn tractor, or moved by hand.
• Foot activated hydraulic jack rated at 2000 lbs.
• 36 or 28 lb. Steel Spade Driver included.

32″ 6-Spade Professional Model (X-Large)

• Handles trees up to 3-1/4″ diameter, plus large shrubs.
• 32″ diameter root ball, 21″ depth, 450 lb. capacity.
• Available with Trailer Tow Bar, 3-Point Hitch, or Skid Loader.
• Foot activated hydraulic jack rated at 2000 lbs.
• 36 lb. Steel Spade Driver included.

No Hand Digging, No Heavy Lifting!

1. Prepare Hole.

To prepare a hole to receive your tree, or to dig up the tree you wish to transplant, simply position the Tree Toad where you want your transplanted tree to be (or around the tree you’re transplanting), and drive in the spades using the special driver provided. You can make a hole or dig up a tree without difficulty, even in hard-packed or clay soil.

2. Lift and Lower.

Using the hand or foot-powered jack (depending upon your Tree Toad Model) you easily raise the dirt ball from the new hole you’ve made, or raise the tree to be transplanted — root ball and all — and roll it into position over the new hole. Then lower the tree or shrub into the hole you’ve prepared, using the jack. To release the root ball simply slide the spades up using the handle in the spade head.

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What Others Are Saying.

We know you’ll love your Tree Toad, but don’t just take our word for it..


If a homeowner or gardener has some trees, he can use a Tree Toad. I had a lot of trees planted very closed together around my house and I wanted to move them without rutting the lawn. The Tree Toad can go into a yard when it’s muddy, and it’s easy to maneuver. Backhoes or loaders tear up the lawn even when it’s dry. The Tree Toad is inexpensive for the value. An alternative is a 24″ hydraulic spade that goes on the front of a loader. It costs about $12,000-$15,000! The Tree Toad is easy to use. You can tow it with a lawn tractor and pull it all over the yard without any problem. Or you can pull it by hand and get your tree planted without damaging other trees and shrubs around it.“- John Andrews, Grant City, MO

“I have 15 acres of container grown nursery stock and operate a smaller Ball & Burlap operation as well. The Tree Toad is ideal for me because it offers a lower initial investment than a hydraulic spade, and is zero maintenance. It really suits my Ball & Burlap business. My 3-point hitch model goes on easily and can be switched out with other attachments quickly. The lighter weight and mobility of the Tree Toad are great for delicate landscape situations. Anybody who can drive a tractor can operate a Tree Toad. It’s cost effective.”
Aubrey Davis
“After a year of owning this tool, we remain happy with it. We have dug about 100 trees, all 5′-7′ conifers. The Tree Toad does a fine job.”
Matt Mongin
“The Tree Toad is a significant improvement over other types of transplanting equipment. I have two Tree Toads! I use the smaller one to transplant smaller trees and shrubs. The larger one fits on a three-point tractor hitch and I use it to transplant 2-3″ diameter trees. We used to dig trees with picks, shovels, and tractor lifts. That takes extensive labor. The only other way was to rent a hydraulic machine and that’s very costly. The Tree Toad is ergonomically efficient — it’s man, machine, and tree working well together, because the Tree Toad is designed to remove the tree correctly. With the hitch model, the tractor takes all the weight. The Spades go in the ground very easily with the manual driver.”
Lynn Agee, Avada Theme

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